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Has many different varieties growing in its wide range habitats, and mature plants vary greatly in shape and size.  Smaller plants are often 5 - 8 cm in width and height.  Larger plants attain sizes of 25 - 30 cm.  This plant lives in a nutrient deficient environment. Since there are so few nutrients available, it has evolved a very slow rate of growth.  Other factors being equal, a plant that grows slowly does not need the nutrients of a plant growing in a nutrient abundant environment.  The floral bracts are purple, which contrast strikingly with the snowy white leaves.  The small petals are aster violet, although some varieties have white tips.  When T. Tectorum is subject to substantial and frequent moisture, much of the attractiveness of the snowy white appearance becomes transparently "glued",  It requires very bright light and sunny conditions.  Water sparingly every 2 - 3 weeks.  A very pretty species, worth collecting.

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